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Printing and binding your scription - one of our specialties!

Our legendary speed has already helped many faced a deadline ... These quick actions result in respected gratitude.

We created an online appointment tool upon the request of our customers. So no long waiting times anymore.

You reserve a time in time and at the agreed time we make your scription while you wait for it. We print, you check and we finish everything further so that you can be sure of a perfect result.

99% of the students leave the business within an hour of arrival with their scriptions in hand!

 Doctoral students: make an appointment by mail ( or by telephone (016 222.087). Expect roughly one hour time to check the file together, print it and create the cover. Best is to take that first copy home for a final read for possible corrections in texts or layout. As soon as the final scription is validated, the production process takes 2 to 3 working days to complete. In case of emergency, we work in 2 steps: first 10 copies within 24 hours, the rest follows the day after.


Prices for a standard A4 format scription:

black and white prints: 5 cent (recto verso = two prints)

color prints: 50 cents (recto verso = two prints)

binding black fastback strip: 3 euro

extra PVC foils: 1 euro per pair

extra covers 160grs: 25 cents per pair

extra covers 250grs: 50 cents per pair

binding continuous cover: 5 euro (note: 1 night drying time needed before you get them)

every binding without printing: 5 euros

These prices are not valid for the different format 16x24, please request a precise quote.


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