4 color offset

4 color offset

For large print runs of 4-color printing, we prefer to hire the boys from the offset printing office.
Flyers, posters, A5 booklets in editions of +500pcs are generally cheaper in offsetprint than in the digital printing process.
Always ask us for a free quotation for a price comparison printing vs offsetprint or look in the table below for the most common print runs and formats. Note: the delivery period depends on the order and can take up to a week.

flyers  quadri, R/V on 135grs maco satiné:    

  edition:     1.000      2.500     5.000

        A6         45€         55€         69€

        A5         79€          99€      129€                                                                                                                                             supplement voor 250grs: +25%

brieven en folders quadri, R/V op 135grs met U of Z-vouw inbegrepen:       

  edition:     1.000      2.500     5.000   

          A4         195€       245€      345€  

posters quadri Recto op 135grs maco satiné: 

      edition:  100       250      500    

            A3     77€      95€      129€      

            A2     99€    119€      149€  

            A1    115€    145€      210€

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